A dream come true!

Today I get to announce the most exciting news!  Many would know I have been going through the process of the Spellbinders World Wide Design Team Competition...

First round one: 40 peeps announced - phew got through that...

Then round two: 40 down to 19 (which included creating a video of the project)- phew got through that as well.

Finally the big one... the FINAL ROUND.  I was all geared up to create my little heart out.  I was sent particular dies to work with to create my final project...  Well today and yesterday I was waiting for that call.... the call from Stacey Farneth Caron inviting me to be part of the Spellbinders Design team.

I was up early, hoping and waiting for that call to come.  And it rang!   'Hi it's Stacey....' it felt like ages until I heard those awesome words.  'We would love you to be part of our Design Team' I think I nearly dropped the phone, somehow kept the tears back, was a little speechless, and OH SO EXCITED.

Then double crazy excited... 'We'll contact you later today with all the details and get your flights sorted...' yes my flights to America!  I haven't been to America so this too is a VERY SPECIAL treat!!  I can't wait to meet the awesome team of talented ladies, so many of whom I have followed and admired their work.  this is going to be one hell of a year in my creative world.

You can check out the complete announcement here.

Back in school I was always creative studying Art all through high school and it was my strongest subject.  I always said I would go off and get my business degree first as that will pay the bills - art wont.  Well I am glad I did that because it has given me a basis for a great deal of what I do now working for both my husband's business as well as my own.  I am learning that in this industry Art CAN pay the bills though you have to work at it and an amazingly inspirational woman in Stacey Farneth Caron (who recently was named top 3 in her category for the Earnest and Young Entrepreneur awards over in the US) has definitely shown me this.  To be part of her team is going to be amazing!

I am loving where my art is taking me even if it isn't in the traditional sence of the type of art most would know, but I always tried different things even back then when it came to my art, so it is no surprise to me really, why I love this craft that takes me on so many artistic journies from Scrapbooking layouts to record special memories, to cards to give to others as well as many 'off the page' or altered projects that can let my creative heart run free.

I am super excited today to be fulfilling a big dream, and looking forward to the future and what that may hold as well.

My Master's journey the second installment

Here I am back again with the next installment of my Scrapbooking Memories Master's winning competition entries.

I thought I would show you my canvas next as I think I love it as it has my whole family included on it.  The brief was to create a 12 x 12 canvas full of texture using various things such as fabric etc.  So I decided to turn my canvas around and create one in the back of it.  You wouldn't think you would get so many photos inside the reverse of a 12 x 12 canvas, but I did with some only being about 1cm square!  I think that is what I love most about it... there are heaps of different memories in this one project.
The main of the inspiration for this came from a frame collage I did on our hallway wall with photos of all of us.  I have a beautiful word in the middle and I wanted to create something that was similar for my Scrapbooking room which is also my office and our family area... yes it is a busy room lol

I went about starting creating texture as stated in the brief... the first one went a little too far with this, so I scrapped that one and started again.  Wtih the fresh new one I added layers and layers of texture from canvas, to cardstock, stamping, stencilling, texture paste, paint, crackle, metallic rub, more stamping, inking paint, and old book paper around the outside.

In the inside I wanted to give a 'floating' effect to all the frames and the word and I did this with some gauze that had been soaked in fabric stiffener and allowed it to dry.  I hadn't really figured how I was going to suspend everything, but this really made it a whole lot easier.  I did still go through a WHOLE tube of Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots in creating the project no real shock to my followers I'm sure!  I love the finishing touches the Twiddleybitz and Scrapware chipboard added to the finished project as well.

It is one of those, need to see in real life projects, but hopefully you can see some of the detail in what I created.  It is now hanging proudly in my Scrap Room!

I will be back before you know it with the next installment!

My 'Master's' Journey the first installment

Here I am today sharing my Master's projects that were created for the Scrapbooking Memories Masters Competition of which I was named along with 9 other talented ladies a 'Master' for 2012.  I was notified via phone call from the Editor in September 2012 and had to somehow keep it under my hat until Mid December 2012 when the special edition 'Masters' issue comes out.  That was SO tough!!

So to start I will take a moment to back track and tell you a little background about me entering the competition.  The year I started scrapping 2008 was the first time I entered.  I really enjoyed the process and back then and there was 2 rounds the first went off photos of the projects which I didn't have much of an idea about back then, but I gave it a shot.  I was aiming for the top 50 that the honorable mentions came from, which also gave you an opportunity to send in the physical projects.  

I got my entry in, in the midst of planning to move back to Melbourne from Perth, and when the calls would be made I was going to be travelling. I soon realised that I hadn't made the cut, but I was super proud of my efforts and was looking forward to a new life beginning for my husband and I which was that I was pregnant with our first child.  

2009 life sure got busy as my eldest is a May child which didn't work in well with the following years competition which the criteria is usually released in the June issue of the Magazine.  He was one month old andI had bigger things on my mind that year.  

2010 I really thought of entering and had even thought of what I wanted to create, but I just didn't get around to it.  I was busy with a 1yr old and I had already fallen pregnant with our second child so it just wasn't going to happen.  That was enough for me that year.  

2011 came and having a 2yr old and a 6 month old, life was super busy for me as a mum.  Again I thought about what I would like to create for the entries, but life got in the way and I just didn't get around to it.  I guess I was too busy 'making' the memories.

2012 came and I ummed and ahhh'd about entering.  I had for as long as I had been scrapping wanted to eventually achieve that title, and I felt my scrapping had lifted a level that year.  I was loving what I was creating and how I had really started to develop my own style.  It was a message, on a chat I think, that a friend Renee Aslette asked if I was going to enter... well I guess that was the making of the decision.  Not sure why, but I guess I needed to stop dreaming about entering again and just do it.  So I made the decision to put in.

I started creating early on my first project and had that nearly done.  Ideas for my double layout and canvas were in my head also.  As for the last one which included memorabilia, I had NO IDEA.  I then got quite sick with sinusitis and it really knocked me for six, and those that know me know that doesn't happen too easily.  That, along with my young boys being sick on and off I didn't find much time to put into the projects...  Two weeks to go and I knew I had to get moving if I was going to get this entry in.  A new paper had been released at CHA that I wanted to have SO BADLY but didn't think it would be out in time until I saw an online store advertise it... I just had to have it and I put in a speedy order trying to get it by the end of the week (usually 3-4 days postage from where the store was).  It was going to be perfect for my memoribilia layout of which I now knew what photos I was going to scrap (no idea how).

I got moving on my canvas and double layout, and I was still quite sick that week and I remember not enjoying it and pushing myself as I knew I would regret it if I didn't get my entry in this time.  I got my entries into the post and I was so happy to have gotten there.  I will tell you more about each one as I go along.

The first project I want to share is my double layout reflecting my childhood.  

When I read this criteria, I knew where I wanted to go with it.  I asked mum for my baby photos and started looking through them.  The quality of them is nothing compared to what we can take these days but I found some that would work and so I decided to focus on all the dresses my mum made me a child.  

I also found inspiration from the colours of the 70's being a 70's child orange is what came to my mind... we had orange couches, curtains and decor.  In looking through papers at my local scrap store I saw the Authentique range and I knew it was perfect!  I then had to choose what techniques I wanted to build into the layout.  Seeing this was going to be my only real girly layout I decided on wanting to showcase hand made flowers and embellishments as well as patterns usually used on a more grungy feel layout to be all prettied up.  

I created it over 2-3 days from memory pushing myself to get every little detail done and finished as quick as I can as I still had another 2 projects to get done in a week and a half.

I used Spellbinders to create all the beautiful flowers on the layout, and 'paperclay' to create the vines bringing them all together.  I also used some beautiful Sworvski crystals teamed up with the reverse chickenwire stencil and some inking to alter the plain cardstock to tie in with the paper collection.  There was a whole lot of punching with hexagons in different sizes to create more interest.  I absolutely adored how it came and I just hoped it was what the judges were looking for!  

Here are some pictures of the project:

This was definitely a challenge for me as I don't do double layouts often at most I would put two layouts done with the same papers together in an album.  I did enjoy the process though!

I do hope you have enjoyed reading the first installment of my masters journey, and come back to read all about the other 3 projects I created as part of my entry.  

Additional kit over at Scrappy Chat Designs

While we are waiting on the release of the June Premier kit I thought to keep your enthusiasm, I have decided to release the sale of a class kit I recently taught of which I have a few left over.

Kit is $30 (+postage) and there is still loads in there including an awesome stencil and corrugated cardstock, as well as matching stickers!  You will receive detail photos of the design, instructions by way of measurements and photos, all e-mailed to you along with a short technique video on how to create the background with the stencil.  The only items additional to your basic kit you will need of your own to complete it is  some black paint, Distress ink in Tumbled Glass or Broken China,  Spellbinders lacey circles die set, a stamp or rub-on for the words on the ribbon strip as this stamp is not included in the kit.  Remember if you don't have the exact, substitutions can always be made and I'm sure I'll have ideas for you if you e-mail me.
I’m trying to get the package of the two under 500g so that there will be no additional postage charge to those purchasing the June kit and would like them shipped together, but I can’t confirm that until the chipboard that the kit is missing arrives (it is right on the borderline with weight at the moment)

If you are going to be in Brisbane this weekend, I will be attending the Scrapbook and Papercraft expo and can arrange to meet up and give you your kits then if you prefer as well.

If you would like to order the kit, e-mail me at orders.scrappychatdesigns@gmail.com

Another step closer to fulfilling a big dream!

Today I thought I would share with you some VERY EXCITING news I got this week.  I have been taking part in the Spellbinders International Design Team Contest and after two rounds of nail biting waits I am through to the final round!  It is now down to me and another 18 extremely talented artists to create our final project.

Read up on all of the blog post here and check out the names of all those that got through.

I want to take the time to especially thank the Spellbinders team for seeing something special in my projects and giving me the opportunity to take part in the final round to hopefully wow them with another project.

I also hope that those that didn't make it through to this round find the right door open for them REAL SOON!  Everyone's work has been amazing and I'm sure it was the toughest decision for both the rounds so far to choose those successful.

I will be giving it my all for this final round and please have your fingers crossed for me while I do.  Really hoping to fulfil my dream of making a team I have aspired to for quite a long time!