2017/18 Kaisercraft Design Team Application

Hi Everyone, I'm here today to share my project created as part of the Kaisercraft Design Team call. How exciting to be creating as part of the second round.  I have always loved creating with Kaisercraft's fun products, so with getting a box full of Kaisercraft goodies including the new 'Lilac Whisper' Collection, I was instantly in heaven!

I love the purple colour of Lilac, so I was so excited when I opened the box.  This collection is so versatile and whilst mostly feminine, it really crosses all ages.  I gained so much inspiration from the patterns and colours alone in the collection which really felt timeless to me so I decided on scrapbooking a picture of a friends little girl for my project share today.  The picture I decided to scrapbook really reminded me of an old photo depicting the span of time.  I love that I was able to use a modern photo and give my page a real 'Shabby Chic' feel which I felt worked so well with the products I was creating with.

Here is my sweet page I created.  I enjoyed getting away from my many masculine pages of my boys to create a page of one of their friends!

Kaisercraft Products Used:

Kaisercraft 'Lilac Whisper' Collection Collection - Echo
Kaisercraft 'Lilac Whisper' Collection Collection - Mauve
Kaisercraft 'Lilac Whisper' Collection Collection - Collectables
Kaisercraft Mini Designer Template - Blossom
Kaisercraft Lucky Dip Wooden Flourish Pack - Bouquet

Other products Used:
Modelling Paste

I really loved teaming up the pattern paper collection with other Kaisercraft stamples to create my page.  I'd love to show you how it came together, so I have included a process video.   Make sure you have the sound on so I can take you through all the details!  

For some additional detail, here are some step photos to take you through the process as well.  

People usually use stamps for stamping with ink, but one of my favourite things to do is stamp with acrylic paint.  Seeing Kaisercraft had beautifully matching tones of paint to this collection it made an easy team up!  So you can have a go at creating my page I'm going to take you through the process step by step, teamed up with watching the video I hope you'll find it super easy!

Start out by using the stencil to add some of the 'Blossom' texture to the background with some modelling paste.  This is a little hard to see, but comes up a little more with the next step so I'm showing them together.  

For the stamped effect you simply some paint to a craft sheet (as you can see on the right of the photo) and then use the brick stamp to stamp into the paint and then onto the background.  This gives a softer look for the stamped effect and also enables you to match the colour better as you can always mix paint easier than mixing ink pads.  It also achieves a softer look.

Tear the corrugated cardstock and add a coat of Gesso for a more Shabby Chic feel.  
I love the versatility of the cardstock and how easy you can make it any colour you like!

Tie the corrugate cardstock into the page by adding some of the same colour paint as you used to stamp into the background using a wet wipe to sponge over some colour onto the corrugated cardstock, mainly over the edges and a little over the top randomly.

Add some gesso to the wood veneers, along with some of the Mauve paint for a sweet element for the page.

I needed a little added balance to the page but not such a large flower, by altering the flower you have just enough flower to tuck under and add that balancing colour element.  You can save the rest for another project!

To add a little strength to the title, add a strip of cardboard behind.  It will give a little dimension and sit better.

To finish the page add some splatter with the various coloured Kaiser Mists.   Adding a little of the 'Blackberry' colour onto your craft sheet and then using a wet wipe add a little of this colour randomly onto the corrugated cardstock.  This helps tie all the colours in nicely.

I hope you enjoyed watching my page come together and I've inspired you to get creative!  Hope you have your fingers crossed for me to be successful in this Second Round of the Design team Call!  I'm going to leave you with a few more pictures of the page and all the fun details I added.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy Crafting
xxx BeckBT


  1. I love everything about this Beck!! It is so pretty and suits the collection perfectly. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. xx

  2. I really like the brickwork effect in the background. Thanks for sharing how you achieved that technique. The green contrast to the purple looks amazing.

  3. This is lovely! Best of luck!

    thank you for the reply to this blog comment !
    and also thanks for your sharing this topic !



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