A new chapter and a new blog

I am excited to say that I am so thrilled to be getting my new blog up and running.  It has taken some time to get it all together and looking just the way I wanted, but here we are with a new look and new way to share my craft.

I will be having some exciting things happening on the blog over the coming weeks, so please stay tuned for more posts.  There will also be some giveaways as well!

Why a new chapter you ask... well you will need to wait for some more posts to find that out... but that won't be long away!  Posts will be more regular now that I am not trying to set up a new blog at the same time :)

In the mean time... if you are new to my blog, you can check out my work via the tabs above and included are links to the respective posts for a great deal of my work so that you can see the origional post on my previous blog without having to sift through a heap of posts to find what you are looking for.

I am behind on a few shares, so they will be coming up shortly as well.

While I do add little personal stories about my creative journey or  the story behind a particular project, my blog primarily focuses on my craft and how I have gone about a project or simply sharing pictures for inspiration.  Therefore I hope you enjoy reading my blog for learning and inspirational purposes.


  1. Congratulations with a new blog, it look FAB !

  2. Love the new look of your blog Beck and it seems you have a lot in store for us soon!! ;-)) Look forward to seeing your creativity and inspiration soon!


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