Getting Creative with paint and Helmar for my boy to meet Hi-5

If you came to the door of our house, you wouldn't be shocked to hear Hi-5 playing from somewhere in the house.  You see my eldest boy just loves to sing and dance while watching them and his younger brother is already singing and doing some of the moves too.  It is such a joy to watch him as he is keeping so active and it is amazing that he doesn't get tired.  He is also not just staying inside dancing often taking the IPad outside and dancing out there as well!

Well a couple of weeks ago on the Hi-5 page they announced their new movie hitting our local cinemas at the moment and an opportunity to meet them.  What you had to do was dress up and show them what you would wear if you were in Hi-5.  Well that would be my little boy's dream!  We also had to add why he should win.  Well I pushed all my deadlines back (including updating my blog -sorry!) as well mum duties should always come first ESPECIALLY in this instance, and made him this outfit.  As you can see in this pic he was beaming from ear to ear when I helped him get changed into it.

Of course I couldn't stop at the clothes, I had to make him REALLY feel like he was in Hi-5 so I created a bit of a stage and backdrop for him.

Ready for some singing and dancing on his new stage:
I created the Hi-5 hands on his top and jeans using my trusty Canon Pixma printer and some transfer paper.  I wanted them to stand out so first I ironed the transfer's onto some white material before adhering them to his top with my trusty Helmar 450 Quick Dry.  The knee patches and rainbow and on his top were painted with my lovely supply of Jo Sonja's paints.  I also painted the backdrop hand with them as well.  The gesso in my art area also came in handy adding the white accents to the top and knee patches as well.  

There was no sewing involved - just a little painting, and now he has an awesome costume that he will also wear for his birthday party which I already have an order for a Hi-5 party complete with a stage (he is so cute) - I just have to deliver!  But at least I'm part way there now. Have also half made his brother's outfit.  His costume is not a copy of any of their outfits, but more of an inspiration of them and most importantly he loves it.  Win the comp or not, he will be wearing it when we go and see them next month!  

If you feel we are deserving, please head on over to the FB page and like his pic and maybe even leave a comment :)  Click here  Also if you are in Oz and a Hi-5 Fan, the movie is in Hoytz cinema's now!  

Stay tuned as I can't wait to scrap these pic's along with our experience of going to see the show next month when they are in our area, and keeping our fingers crossed at the moment that he gets to meet his idols!  


  1. Oh well done.. he does look like a mini high 5-er!!

  2. Such a cool wonderful mum to make this outfit, he looks so happy in it!


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