Spellbinders Gallery Art

Ever wonder where all this work I have been creating over the last few months for Spellbinders is.... well some of it goes into publications, some for advertisements and then some goes up in the Art Gallery which is chock full of LOADS of inspiration all with information on how they are created!  Yes a gallery full of instructions!  Some of our work is used in other areas, but these are the main three.  So I have recently had a couple of projects loaded up into the Gallery so I thought I would share them with you today... one I think will be an long time favourite!

The first of my shares is a beautiful altered high heel I created what seems like AGES ago! Yes it does take a while before our work is more public as there is so many different areas it could end up.

For so long I had this vision in my head about altering a show and including a metal tip, probably because I adore beautiful shoes even if I don't often get a chance to wear them.  This shoe stared out as a deep red leather shoe but with some major altering ended like this.

Here are some detail pics of the shoe:
There was just so many details I thought a collage would be perfect.   You

To create the shoe I used the following Spellbinders dies
You can see a full supplies list over at the gallery as well as catch the brief tutorial here to help you get creative with your own shoe.

I also have a second project in the gallery which is this simple but sweet card.  I just loved the softness of the colours and how it came together.

For this project I used the following Spellbinders dies:

  • S5-192 Diamond Effects
  • S6-008 Exquisite Labels Eleven

  • You can catch up on the tutorial to help you create your own version of my card in the Art gallery here

    I hope you have enjoyed my share today, and I have inspired you to get a little creative with the items around you!

    If you are interested in learning a little more about Spellbinders dies I will be teaching at the Melbourne Papercraft expo 21-23 February.  Bookings for classes open on Wednesday 29th January at 12 midday.  You can catch all the details in my previous post here.


    1. OMG.
      that shoe is simply amazing. just amazing.
      you go girl.

    2. Hi Beck. I love the shoe and the card. The shoe is so beautiful, will you wear them somewhere special? The card is so sweet. Take care.

      1. Oh thanks Mrs B! Wear them... well I WAS able to get my foot in there (they were a couple of sizes too big and it has paper stuffed in the toe area lol) BUT I actually only did make one sure and it is all the way over in the US at Spellbinders HQ. It definitely inspired me to want to decorate a pair for wearing though!

    3. That shoe is stunning really beautiful.. Sweet card also, wonderful creating Bec!

    4. This is just awesome. Very cleaver! And pretty.

    5. What an incredible and stunning shoe Beck...such a fabulous idea!! Also love that card...beautiful work always x


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