Christmas Spirit with RG Great outdoors Steel Rule die

Hey there, yes back again with an other RG share!  I am staring to get into the Christmas spirit with the various scenes I like to create around my home.  When I pulled out my Christmas house I just knew what I wanted to do and what I would use to do it with!  The Great Outdoors Steel Rule die of course!  And how cool that it today's 'RG Deal of the day' !!

This die is for the current deal of the day which ends midnight on 21st November 2016 (USA Time).  So you will need to get your hands on it quick! 
Richard Garay Products:
Other products used:

Fun Stampers Journey Rainbow Drops
Fun Stampers Journey Oatmeal Cookie Cardstock
Fun Stampers Journey Fresh Forest Cardstock

Here is a video showing you how I created these fun die cut elements for my scene

Here are some more pictures of the die cut elements I created

As you can see no matter the thickness, both stand up so well!

I hope you enjoyed my share with the latest RG Daily deal.  Remember to get onto this deal quick as you can pick up this die for a measly $27.95 instead of the usual $59.99  That makes it even worth the international costs!!  CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoyed my share today.

Happy Crafting!  

photography: Mag Pie Photography


Designer for RG Make Amazing Team

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