Quick and easy cards for Christmas

Hi Everyone,  I'm here today sharing some more Christmas inspiration.  This time of year is just so special and I love when I open packs of papers and embellishments that just dazzle the eyes like this collection by Ruby Rock-it called Joyeux Noel.  I knew it would be perfect for creating some sweet cards.

For my first card today I created this card using a number of different elements from the collection teamed up with some Bella staples in my stash.

To commence for both cards I die cut some cute white glittler stars using a die set from Prima Marketing.  

To commence putting my first card together I cut some of the border sticker strips to fit along with the sweet trim.  It really made the card come together rather quick

 Next I added the die cut chipboard elements to the card finishing off with some of the white glitter stars I die cut earlier

For my second card I made a feature of the border stickers to create this striking design on a white background.

I finished off with some of the die cut stars.

Products Used:

Fundamentals Cardstock Square Craft
Joyeux Noel Border stickers
Joyeux Noel Trim
Bella White glitter cardstock
Joyeux Noel chipboard die cuts

Other products used:
Prima stars metal die

Hope you enjoyed my share today,  Are you too getting ready for Christmas?  Hopefully my ideas here today will help a little if you a struggling to come with some!

Happy Crafting!


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