Hi Everyone it's Beck BT here and I'm sharing with you a sweet card I made with lots of pretty Bella!

I'm still loving the stitching look and today I wanted to incorporate some sewing machine stitching to my card.

Products Used:

Bella!  True Romantic Paperz - Wave
Bella!  True Romantic Paperz - Lovehearts
Franchville Card and Envelope pack - Colour 50 pk
Fundamentals Sentiments pack
Fundamentals Doily pack
Fundamentals Butterflies Spring Pack
Blue Twine

I thought I would take you through how I created my card today.

I started out with cutting some large strips from the pattern papers

Next I took a piece of white card stock and ran a line of glue down the centre and around the edge avoiding where I would be adding the stitching holes around the edges.  

I then adhered the strips in the desired order to the cardstock. 

After trimming the piece to the desired size (just a little smaller than the blue card base) I added some zig zag stitching to the joins of the different patterns.  

I didn't want more actual stitching but instead decided on stitching holes around the eges.  I simply removed the cotton from the needle on the sewing machine to achieve this.

To finish my card I adhered the above piece to a blue card base and then embellished with a doily, some blue butterflies in various patterns, a blue twine bow and my sentiment.

Here are a few more pics so you can get up close to it.

I love how the card came and I hope to brighten someones day with it real soon!

I hope you enjoyed my share today.

Happy Crafting!


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