Another step closer to fulfilling a big dream!

Today I thought I would share with you some VERY EXCITING news I got this week.  I have been taking part in the Spellbinders International Design Team Contest and after two rounds of nail biting waits I am through to the final round!  It is now down to me and another 18 extremely talented artists to create our final project.

Read up on all of the blog post here and check out the names of all those that got through.

I want to take the time to especially thank the Spellbinders team for seeing something special in my projects and giving me the opportunity to take part in the final round to hopefully wow them with another project.

I also hope that those that didn't make it through to this round find the right door open for them REAL SOON!  Everyone's work has been amazing and I'm sure it was the toughest decision for both the rounds so far to choose those successful.

I will be giving it my all for this final round and please have your fingers crossed for me while I do.  Really hoping to fulfil my dream of making a team I have aspired to for quite a long time!


  1. You deserve it, I have seen your work and you cooking, yummy, crossing all fingers and toes and eyes for you, make us Aussies proud.

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you Becky, good luck!

  3. Oh well done, good on you!! I hope you get your dreams to come true!! all the best!!

  4. You've got that modern style going on, and it's wonderful. I don't know how they are making their decisions, but I think you have a really good chance. Good luck to you!

  5. Congrats! You make amazing things! Hope we an meet in Arizona.


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