Creating while travelling

Are you like me and you can do anything in the car, read a novel, work on the computer, write and even papercraft?  Well if you are you'll be interested in this post.. and well if not you might still enjoy a show on some minimal supplies you can take to get creative on a journey (maybe more so when you reach your destination in that case!

I created this video today after we arrived at camp.  We had a long journey in the car so I took some supplies to be able to get creative.  While I can't yet show the pages I worked on, I can take you through what I found useful to take and well some things that just weren't very thought out (she says with a slightly embarrassed look and smile on her face)

Check out the video.  Hope you enjoy it!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!  I'm off to finish my scrapbooking pages I planned out today!

Happy Crafting
xxxBeck BT

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  1. Lol! Paint and Colour Crush in the car! And I thought I was crazy! Go you - and have a fab holiday :)


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