Shimmerz Aqua Huez the star of this background

So I have been creating while away on our summer holiday and I have a new Scrapbook page up on the Shimmerz blog. I created my page using Shimmerz Aqua Huez and teamed it up with paper and embellishments from Coco Vanilla Studio.

  Head on over for all the details HERE

I created a short video showing the process so you can see how the background comes together. Remember you can match as little or as many colours as needed to compliment your papers.  Just click on the video below to watch.

Here are some more pics of my scrapbook page so you can get up close with the colorful goodness!

Till next time

Like what I have used and would like to get your hands on some?  See below:  


  1. This LO is absolutely full of fun! The color splash adds just the right amount of excitement

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